Are you ready to live a simpler, happier life?

What if there was a way to…..


  • Find time to start, and keep up a daily journal 
  • Make your home cozy, with comfy pillows and fresh cut flowers
  • Unplug, recharge, and spend quality time with your loved ones



When we say our goal is to help you create memories with food, we like to share one of our absolute favourite recipes.  My grandma's old fashioned chocolate mayonnaise cake recipe comes from the original bake with Hellmann's Mayonnaise recipes.  

Lots of folks make icky faces when you tell them there is mayo in  their chocolate cake, but click through to see the recipe and you will discover the moistest, most delicious chocolate cake ever.  This decadent cake is a one bowl cake you make from scratch and you will never bake with a cake mix again.