Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

You run from meeting to meeting, take care of the kids, your dog, your parents, and everything else?

Maybe it’s time for a little Hygge?

The Danish Concept of Happiness, known as Hygge isn’t Just for Winter….

What About Hygge In Spring ?


Remember, Hygge is all about feelings, right?



  • Happy Feelings

  • Cozy Feelings

  • Feelings of Contentment.


Spring makes you smile....

  • The sun gets warmer everyday
  • Local markets start opening
  • We can clean off the back patio or deck and fire up the BBQ!
  • Feeling the cool sweet earth in your hands as you get the plants ready for outdoors
  • Afternoon naps and cuddling with your sweetie
  • Stealing some quiet time for that new best seller!



Try Our 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge

Each day you will receive a short email with a delightful task to make your day just a bit more lovely, a bit brighter, and definitely happier!  Are you ready for Spring Hygge?