two date squares stacked, one piece to the left and remainder of date squares in the background on white parchment paper

This is the Best Homemade Date Squares Recipe

You know those amazing Date Squares they have at your local coffee shop? The really huge ones, that are so ...
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rugelach cookies on white plate with christmas tree in the background

Easy Rugelach Recipe ~ The Perfect Winter Cookie

This easy rugelach recipe is one that you will definitely want to add to your collection of holiday desserts.  We've ...
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italian almond biscotti cookies on a green plate

Cake Mix Biscotti To Try Right Now!

A sweet, crunchy biscotti that will rival anything you can get at the bakery! We love the golden color and ...
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Sweet and crunchy, the raspberry filling in these Raspberry Pie Dream Bars gives a burst of red raspberry sweetness in every bite.

Raspberry Pie Dream Bars | Dreamy

Raspberry Pie Dream Bars. My new favourite. (note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a small ...
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showing the layers of the chocolate chip skillet cookie stuffed with nutella spread

A Skillet Cookie, Kindness and the Mystery of Nutella

A Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie stuffed with Nutella?  Heck yeah! I'm all about any kind of chocolate chip cookie and ...
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