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two sections of french apple tart side by side with caramel sauce

French Apple Tart In Puff Pastry | You Can Make Tonight!

This French Apple Tart Recipe is the just about perfect.  Anytime I use puff pastry in a recipe I'm delighted ...
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Mom's delicious apple crisp with whipped cream in two red serving dishes

Mom’s Delicious Apple Crisp – Easy Recipe!

This old fashioned apple crisp is so rich and full of sweetness it is truly a taste of home.  Mom's ...
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two bowls of crockpot lava cake and table decorations

S’mores Crock Pot Chocolate Lava Cake!

S'mores Chocolate Lava Cake from the Slow-Cooker is the perfect answer to any problem.  You know THOSE days?  When nothing ...
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slice of apple pie cheesecake lasagna on blue plate

No-Bake Apple Pie Lasagna | You Will Love This Easy Recipe!

No Bake Apple Pie Lasagna Are you ready for the easiest dessert ever?! This amazing No Bake Apple Pie Lasagna ...
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chocolate raspberry tart overhead shot with mint leaves

Chocolate Raspberry Tart & Sugar Cookie Crust

I love to bake.  I mean all of those yummy ingredients that come together in something decadent and delicious, well ...
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