Hygge at Work: How To Create A Cozy Atmosphere and Experience

Hygge at Work: How To Create A Cozy Atmosphere and Experience

Looking for ways to create a more comfortable atmosphere and experience at work?

Using the power of hygge to bring coziness and contentment into your life isn’t just limited to home and family.  Creating a cozy place to work by embracing hygge in very simple ways can take the rough edges of your office cubicle, create a small hygge community of work mates, and inject a little hygge home décor.

We spend at least 8 hours a day at work.  For some it’s more, for the lucky few, it’s less.  If you live in North America, for certain months of the year, you get up in the dark to go to work, and come home in the dark.

That’s a lot of dark.

So what would happen if you applied the Danish concept of hygge to your everyday work life?

Would your co-workers think you’re crazy if you took a nap in the middle of the afternoon? What would your boss say if you started lighting candles all over the place? Well, maybe candles wouldn’t work.

But I do believe you can get to that cozy hygge place at work, by including a few small things, and some simple practices into your work day.  This post will help you create a happier work space and contribute to a positive work community. Thanks for staying with me!


21 Ways Hygge Will Help You Survive Winter

21 Ways Hygge Will Help You Survive Winter

How to survive winter? Well, if you live where winter brings darkness and cold harsh weather, you probably just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head for the next four months. Am I right? What if I were to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

That in some countries, winter is embraced and celebrated, with candles, coziness, firelight, and friendship.  Where people just come together and share a meal, or settle indoors with a big chunky blanket, a cup of tea and a really good book.  Sounds great right?  Well it’s real.

There really is a way for all of us to survive winter with joy, mindfulness and creativity.  The concept is Hygge, a way to bring coziness and happiness into your life every day.  I’ve got a list of 21 ways to feel happy in winter – from big cozy sweater, and hot buttered drinks by the fire, to a family game day.  What about Random Acts of Kindness?  Or visiting shut-ins during the holidays.  We’ll show you many creative ways, for little or no cost, to find joy and embrace the challenges that winter brings.  Sound like fun?  I thought you would like this.

We’ve also curated a lovely little shop of Hygge gifts and you can check it out below!


30 Simple Ways You Can Live Hygge All Year Long!

30 Simple Ways You Can Live Hygge All Year Long!

What is Hygge Life?  Or how to live Hygge?  Well you might say it’s how to live mindfully, simply and to savour the happiness that this way of life brings.  If you are searching for some tranquility, a sense of calmness to the hectic pace of your everyday life, then I hope you will stick around.  We’ve got some great ideas to help you embrace Hygge and be cozy.

Now before you click away because you think this is one more “list” post that will just give you a long checklist of more things to fit into your already busy life, hang on, ok?

This is not a ‘check the box’ exercise.  I know you have way too many of those going on, either at work, or at home.  Finish the project plan -Check. Get to the gym three times a week. Check. Fit in quality time with your sweetie. Check. Check. 

Hygge is about feelings.  

In The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living (The Happiness Institute Series), Meik Wiking says that “hygge is about an atmosphere and the experience it is not about things. It is about being with the people we love. A feeling we are safe that we are shielded from the world…to be able to let our guard down.”

So I think if you stay with me, read a little further, watch the video, you will learn so much about hygge.  And even better, you will probably realize that you are practicing hygge and don’t even know it.  

Like everything in life, embracing hygge or finding time for more happiness is a journey.  For me too.  I’m learning too, as I go.  So thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you really enjoy this post. 


7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge In Spring

7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge In Spring

Hi there!

I think there are many people who don’t understand the benefits of hygge, but that might not mean you.

You may totally get the Danish concept for happiness. But then again maybe you don’t.

It’s a challenge for me, or anyone really to talk about Hygge and the awesome impact it can have on your life without sounding preachy. You know, like my post 30 Ways to Enjoy Hygge All Year Long, or  in this post – 7 Simple Ways to Live Hygge in Spring?

It’s like I’m saying, well Judy, just do these things, and you too can embrace Hygge and everything will be perfect. That’s not my intention, but it could sound that like to some people. Maybe even you.


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