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I’ll admit it.
I absolutely love apple desserts.

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Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Apple Muffins, Apple Coffee Cake…

You get the idea, right?

And I also have a very limited amount of time to:

  1. Grocery Shop
  2. Bake

You too?

So I thought this list of easy apple desserts would help.

And, with a little planning, this post is going to show you how to serve these delicious treats any time.

Yes, that’s right!

First, though we need to get your pantry in order.  Don’t have a pantry?  No problem!

Check out this post on how to set up a pantry – it’s been really popular, and has a shopping list printable for you to take to the store!


Basic Pantry Items

I find that stocking these basic pantry items all the time, keeps the fun in baking desserts.

No need to rush out to the store, and you can strike while the iron, er oven is hot. Right?

Here’s the instant download: Just click on it and you will have this amazing printable to help you stock your pantry.

Pantry Shopping List, includes flours, sugars, spices, fats, baking pans, pie plates and nice to have items.

And if it’s in the budget – an apple peeler.

apple peeler peels apples with ribbon of apple peel

I just got one of these little suckers, and I have to tell you it is such a time saver.

You can order one right here.

Okay.  Now you are ready.

Let’s get baking these amazing Apple Desserts!

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5 Quick & Easy Apple Desserts For Busy Moms

two white ramekins of baked apple crisp, whipped cream and apple chip on top

Mom’s Apple Crisp

 Mom’s Apple Crisp:  

One of my favorite recipes, this easy apple dessert is a classic.  Who doesn’t love a big bowl full of apple crisp, still warm from the oven!  I often make it in these little ramekin style dishes, but you can still make this recipe in a 9 x 9 square pan.   Because we want lots of leftovers, right?


An easy apple pie muffin recipe that will become your GO TO for BREAKFAST! Healthy, wholesome, with homemade apple pie filling, a great freezer recipe.

Apple Pie Muffins

Apple Pie Muffins:

An easy apple pie muffin recipe that will become your GO TO for BREAKFAST! Healthy, wholesome, with homemade apple pie filling, a great freezer recipe.


Apple Pandowdy is a delicious combination of apple pie and apple cobbler, easy to make and a great skillet recipe. Apple Pandowdy is a quick and easy dessert.

Apple Pandowdy

Do you have a cast iron skillet?  Then this will be your Go To recipe.  A Pandowdy is similar to an Apple Cobbler and is the way they used to make apple pies, way back when, before we started making pie crust.  The light biscuit dough gets dropped on top of the apples by spoonfuls, and of course everything bakes together and gets all happy and cozy.


slice of upside down apple cake with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce on a white china plate with silver edging

Upside Down Apple Cake


Upside Down Apple Cake

You’ve heard about Pineapple Upside down Cake?  Well now there is an apple version, and let me tell you, those deliciously baked apples are just bursting with brown sugar, cinnamon and look at that caramel sauce!  Oh yeah.


big slice of apple pie coffee cake on a white plate, with spoon, walnuts and apple to the side

Apple Pie Coffee Cake 

Think Dutch Apple Pie meets coffee cake! The easiest recipe is right here!  I call it Love In

Prep time for all of these desserts is less than 30 minutes, including peeling the apples!


text says 5 quick and easy apple desserts for busy moms on a picture of apple crisp in white ramekin


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