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Your  BBQ Party Planner is here!

Are you thinking about hosting a weekend BBQ Party?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but worried it will be just too much effort.

Well, with Spring just around the corner, that means that summer is close behind!

I know,  who wants to spend the whole weekend cooking to get ready?  Or cleaning up afterwards?!

This BBQ Party Planner will not only provide awesome recipes, but your very own shopping, planning and cooking schedule to make it all happen!

This BBQ Party Planner Is Here to Help You celebrate your Long Weekend festivities with BBQ pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, and delicious desserts including s'mores around the campfire!

So no matter where you are, or your reason to celebrate– these early summer weekends celebrate the coming of summer and getting outdoors.  A chance to gather family and friends together and of course, have some really great BBQ!   Maybe you really want to get your hygge on this summer?

You can live hygge in Spring! What is hygge? Being happy, cozy and content and enjoying all the feels, and 7 ways to get you started, included a 7 Day Spring Hygge Challenge!

This weekend BBQ Party Planner is your ticket to a great weekend part, with delicious, easy to prepare food, that will cover appetizers, salad, a main dish and dessert.  This menu takes very little time to prepare and serve, leaving lots of time for relaxing, catching up with friends, enjoying cold drinks and time to roast marshmallows around the campfire!

Get your hygge on by learning to live hygge! Happiness, living simply, being mindful, are all what hygge is about. This great list will give you lots of information and ideas on how to get your hygge on in your own life!

Now remember I’m a Canadian gal, so we celebrate our weekends in style, with lots of BBQ, friends and family, and making s’mores around the campfire.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

And I’m even including a BBQ party planner prep schedule.  Remember I promised time for relaxing and campfires right?

Are you ready to celebrate summer?  Then let’s get this party started!



Veggie tray and dip


Slow-cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce

Creamy Coleslaw


Buttermilk Chocolate Bundt Cake

S’mores Magic Cookie Bar Pizza!

Campfire s’mores

Here are my absolute favorite recipes for your perfect BBQ!


Slow-cooker Pulled Pork

slow-cooker pulled pork, easy bbq sauce

Best cuts for pulled pork

There are lots recipes for pulled pork.  Some recommend the pork butt, some the pork shoulder and you can even use pork tenderloin.  I like to use the shoulder – you can get a good sized one – around 4-5 pounds, it fits in the average sized slow cooker (3-5 quarts) and is reasonably priced at the butcher or grocery store.

Best Ever BBQ Sauce

bbq 1

Once your pork shoulder is cooked, and drained, following my recipe, you need a premium BBQ sauce to bring out the flavour of the pork.  In our home that means our own special homemade BBQ sauce.  So here is the recipe, just for you.  It’s so easy to make, you will always want to have lots on hand – for barbecuing any time of the year.  The hickory smoke flavour is perfect for pulled pork.


The Best Creamy Coleslaw

The secret to the great flavor in this best creamy coleslaw recipe is onion. Green cabbage, chopped onion and carrots combine with your favorite salad dressing. BIG flavor and a crowd pleaser every time!

My Mom used to say the secret to the best coleslaw was adding enough onion!  Coleslaw can take many forms but the tangy sweetness in this recipe is always great with outdoor BBQ, smoked meat and our slow cooker pulled pork.  It comes together in minutes and you can serve it again the next day.


Buttermilk Chocolate Bundt Cake with Hot Water Frosting

This Buttermilk Chocolate Bundt Cake is BIG on flavour and short on prep time. The recipe makes a large Bundt cake big enough to feed a crowd!

You are going to fall in love with this Buttermilk Chocolate Bundt Cake.  We first enjoyed this cake last summer at a Canada Day BBQ!  I made a few of my own changes to it, and turned it into a bundt cake.  The Hot Water Frosting is something I hadn’t tried before, and this is definitely a one-bowl scratch cake.  Yes indeed!

S’mores Magic Cookie Bar Pizza

S'mores Magic Cookie Bar Pizza. The ooey gooey combination of chocolate, coconut, and graham crackers topped with a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk – oh wow!  You know what I mean!

Remember Magic Cookie Bar squares?  Some folks call it Seven Layer Cookie Bars.  Well I took the recipe and turned it into a dessert pizza!  I know, I kind of have a thing for ‘pie-shaped desserts”.  Yummm!

This BBQ Party Planner Is Here to Help You celebrate your Long Weekend festivities with BBQ pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, and delicious desserts including s'mores around the campfire!

How’s that?  If you want a pdf of the BBQ Party Planner, just click on the image, ok?

I hope you enjoyed the post and will have a wonderful time.  Be sure to pin it for later too! 

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This BBQ Party Planner Is Here to Help You celebrate your Long Weekend festivities with BBQ pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, and delicious desserts including s'mores around the campfire!
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