You want to get some cozy hygge into your life, but right now just aren’t sure how that will work?

How you will find time to take a walk in the woods, stop and have coffee with your bestie.  Or just a simple meal with your family. 

My Simple Hygge Life Binder will help you to achieve these things and more.

Let me show you how…


Hello there.

If you are anything like me and most of my friends, your biggest problem is time, that you feel you never have enough.

I’ll even bet that your friends feel the same way.  When you get a chance to talk to them that is.

You often don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do, after working all week and looking after your family.

 And so when you have a Saturday afternoon that’s free of activities, the last thing you wants to do is host a family dinner.

 Or if you’re thinking about slipping away by yourself, just for a coffee or a walk on the trails you feel guilty.

 Hey, it’s not your fault. 

 I understand, because I’ve been there.  I still go there.


“Every single thing that happens in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.” – unknown

There are many ways to embrace HYGGE and fit it into your life.

We think using My Simple Hygge Life Binder is one of the easiest things you could do.

Why My Simple Hygge Life Binder


You love printables and planners.  They’re just so much fun!  One of my readers said that she prints them out and put them on her fridge….

You might be thinking that embracing Hygge into your life will cost lots of money.  (It doesn’t)

You’d probably like to do it but you’re afraid that trying something new will just be too tiring, too much.  But you worry about your own family,  that they have way to much screen time, and not enough interaction as a family.

So what would happen if you said to your family or friends, “hey let’s do this hygge thing” .

You fondly remember visits to your parents and grandparents, what special times you had with them.  The amazing dinners, where everyone would just sit around the table afterwards and talk, with several conversations going on all at once.

No phones, no heads down, no scrolling.  Sounds very Hygge right? 

Maybe you could start slowly,  just one Saturday a month.  That wouldn’t be too hard would it? 

And then those that wouldn’t join in at first, would come to see how much fun everyone else is having. Your friends and family will want more of this Hygge life too. xo

 You can realize your dreams.

You’ve read about Hygge, the Danish concept of living a cozy, happy life and you want some of that too! 

I wanted to make it easy to get started with Hygge and to keep it simple.

 I’ve struggled with the same things you have. So I got to work and created this awesome digital life binder.

My Simple Hygge Life Binder includes so many great tools to help you!

There are actually two different designs – Scandinavian and Floral, so you can mix and match if you wish!

 Most importantly, we’ve created a handy How to Cheatsheet, to help you get the most out of your life binder. 



  • Daily Planners (4 designs x 2)
  • Weekly Planners (4 designs x 2)
  • Monthly Calendar – Perpetual – you can use it over and over!
  • Year at Glance Calendar (2020)
  • 12 Notecards (4X6 you can send or frame!)
  • Fitness Tracker (2 designs)
  • Yearly Goals (2 designs)
  • Create Memories List (2 designs)
  • Habit Tracker (2 designs)
  • Gratitude Tracker (2 designs)
  • Life Goals Checklist (2 designs)
  • Books I want to read (2 designs)



We all benefit from a hygge lifestyle. The cozy comfort feeling of contentment and happiness is priceless. My Simple Hygge Life Binder makes achieving hygge life a lot easier. You can write down your plans and goals on its beautifully illustrated pages. Plan your book list, track your habits and fitness goals and make plans for creating memories. The daily planner has a place to add your cozy time plans… because sometimes we have to plan for the cozy to happen. The planner has also several lovely quotes that will bring sunshine and happiness to your day.

Tuula Brooks, My Happy Tuesday


How long do I have access to my simple hygge life binder?

How does a lifetime sound?


Can I print these on my own printer?

Absolutely. I printed mine on our home laser printer using HP soft gloss presentation paper.  The quality is absolutely amazing!   


Can I share the binder with my friends?

You have purchased a single use license so please so don’t share it.  We make our revenue from the sale of the printable binder. 


Will I receive any updates?

Yes you will! 


Where can I get more information about Hygge?

We’ve got a TON of information about Hygge – so after you’ve purchased your binder, head on over to How to Live a Hygge Life, OK? 


Listen I get it….


You’re probably thinking what do I need with another checklist or planner, right?

But here’s the thing.

By now you’ve learned that Hygge is that wonderful Danish concept of how to live a cozy, happy life. Folks who embrace hygge typically think about candles, soft woolen blankets and thick cozy socks.


But Hygge is so much more!

  • Having a friend over to share a coffee and conversation? That’s Hygge.
  • What about a quiet evening at home, with a home cooked meal with your honey? That’s Hygge too.
  • My favorite is planning a family potluck, where everyone brings their favorite dish and you host the party! Totally hygge.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a cozy, happy life, but sometimes you need a little help to organize and plan!


To be able to create memories — days & moments that you will capture in your heart, for yourself, your family, your friends.  



That’s where My Simple Life Binder comes in.


 We’ve created this amazing 63 page printable that includes TRACKERS, CALENDARS, planners, GOAL SETTING SHEETS, note cards, and more.


and it’s also digital! Open it up in goodnotes, or noteshelf on your tablet, and with a stylus, you are all set! 


You will love this printable & DIGITAL binder! I keep mine on the side table by our sofa, right beside my daily journal, so it’s always handy. 

ONLY $27