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Want a simpler lifestyle?

woman on a swing at sunset with the text simplicity makes my whole life feel like mine quote by janet luhrs.

Are you looking to reduce stress and find a slower, simpler way of living?

You really want to slow down, enjoy life, and make time for yourself, right?

We can help.

Have you heard about Hygge?

It means happiness in Danish, and we can show you how.


For some tips on how to tame the ‘crazy’ that goes on in your head, we show you all about Morning Pages.

And I know you love fairy lights, right?


coloured journals, pens, markers, stickers, glue stick all bullet journal suppliesBullet Journals
Bullet Journals will change your life! To live a simple life requires some organization, but also your bullet journal lets …
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woman in pink socks with pink sweater, holding blue mug of milk, with blue dish and cookies to the sideHow To Live Hygge
How to live Hygge? Hygge is so popular these days – it’s all about being cozy, whether its your hygge …
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mason jar full of fireflies on a green misty backgroundDIY for Small Spaces
DIY projects are so much fun and so satisfying! Our DIY is for small spaces, like fairy lights, small garden …
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2 unbaked pie crust shells on white and black cutting board and red rolling pin on the sideHomemaking
Homemaking includes so many of those wonderful Home Arts skills, like crafting, DIY, and Baking and Cooking. We cover topics …
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coffee, orange shawl, gold lettering on a floral patterned journal that says make your dreams happen a mandarin orange and the corner of a journal page with writing on itJournaling
The benefits of Journaling are so huge! If you are looking for balance in your life, of a way to …
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small blue and white vintage camper trailer with the door open travel stickers in the left window, 'shasta' logo in metal on the side and small silver propane tank on the hitchRV Life
Interested to find out about what it takes to "live small"? Check out a story about how one couple downsized, …
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woman with blond ponytail on a red hammock suspended over rocks and greenery shows lake and mountains in the background, white text says be kind to yourselfSelf Care
Self care is something we just don't spend enough time on so we are creating posts that will help you …
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quote that says life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated by confusciusSimple Living
Simple Living is taking a step back and slowing down our lives. A big component of this on You Can …
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Your Hygge Planner!

Create your own hygge magic with this printable planner!

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